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What Is Pornstar Harem?

From the creators of the ultra-popular adult game Hentai Heroes, Pornstar Harem is a free-to-play, RPG game where you are the man who every hot pornstar wants. Explore the map and collect women who are desperate to join your harem. Compete in challenges, enjoy the juicy scenes, and level up your girls (using in-game gold) as a way to increase their skills and give them everything they desire. Once you collect your menage of women by exploring, competing, and encountering new places on the map, let your stars thank you by giving you cash and of course, real NSFW scenes, which are all kept in one place for you to enjoy again and again whenever you wish.

Your harem is the most important aspect of this game, the more you level them up and win their affections, the better you will be at winning challenges and becoming the best in this universe. The more you play, the more you unlock and the filthier your harem becomes, making it an addictive freemium game to play.

When enjoying the adventure mode you can wander through the map aimlessly, collecting women and enjoying the click-through uncensored and hardcore sex scenes that await, there’s no animation to your characters, no anime, no hentai, and simple real pornstars in real settings. It’s a game that is easy to pick up and although you are guided at the start, you don’t even really notice that help disappear once you get into the hang of things.

Aside from the adventure mode, you can even PVP with other real players, where you have a ‘sex off’ with your most skilled stars if you win, you reap the rewards of affection for your girls which levels them up even higher, XP which is essential to progress, and experience which keeps you on the top of the leaderboards. Visiting the nightclub also gives you a chance to win big, with girls and equipment always on the cards, and although it’s random, you always win something when visiting.

How do I play Pornstar Harem?

Pornstar Harem is a browser game that’s easy to play. For the adventure portion of the game, click on an area to play the scene from the story that occurs at that place.

Each scene needs stamina from one frame to the next. If you’re running low on stamina, it’s best to let it replenish over time or purchase more with the gold (one of the two currency options).

As previously mentioned, two of the most important ones are in terms of currency. Gold is the first as the game’s equivalent to real-world money. In order to get gold, you’ll have to pay the real money, which is hard and solid.

By using gold, you are able to accomplish a variety of things: speed up and complete your quests, boost the stamina of your character, get your game-related earnings more quickly and even spend more money on your game’s second currency, cash.

Cash can be used to buy items for your Harem (which boosts their enthusiasm), buy training aids for your avatar (which raises their, you know, their level) and also for purchasing equipment to outfit your avatar (which improves your overall stats).


You manage the women in your pornstar sexual harem. There is a summary of the girl’s experience and affection (which determines the amount of nakedness she shows when she posts her profile pic).

The girls also earn income (in the game currency – not gold) that can be collected approximately every hour.

The girls can enhance them by having a slutty time in fights against pornstar bosses or at PvP occasions where you can put your Harem against one player.

There is also the option of buying a sexually sexy slut at your command a large selection of sex tools for a more intense level of kink sensation.

You could also purchase a woman’s love with three main ways of winning the woman’s heart: panties, flower arrangements, massive daddy-dos and butt plugs.

Other options are available. However, everybody knows that true women are obsessed with products that can be put on/around their nose, mouth or butt.

If you can win the attention of a porn actress up to a new level, it is possible to pay an extra fee (in the form of gold or cash) for her profile image to change into a more provocative style of undress.


On this page, under this tab, you’ll discover something as difficult to find in a standard MMO purchase X things, complete X boss battles, and more.

The very first sub-heading is “daily goals’. This is exactly what it is: goals to achieve that day. The examples above will give you an idea of the meaning behind these.

The second sub-heading is “missions’. There’s nothing much about them; pick one, and the task will be accomplished within the allocated amount of time.

In addition, there are contests which are where you’re placed against other porn-loving players. Make more donations or get higher points for contests than your opponents as well as be awarded top prizes.

The most valuable prizes typically provide gold that is rare, which is why these are worthwhile!

Pornstar Harem Hack Generator – Unlimited [Kobans Money]

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The genre of pornographic video games has grown rapidly over the last few years, and has seen the emergence of many amusing and sexually explicit designs. Pornstar Harem by the producer Nutaku is a prime instance of this. This game of sex focuses on some sexual reality via manga. For the game to be played it is necessary to sign up with a specific platform created by the creator of this entertainment for adult gamers. It’s an absolute delight to porn lovers. The Pornstar Harem does not have any particular restrictions and it is comparable to other SexEmulator. What do you need to be aware of about the video game Pornstar Harem?

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